Why should I buy trip insurance?

Many people say they don’t need trip insurance. Here are some of their reasons:

“I’m not going to cancel anyway”
“My credit card will cover it”
“It’s too expensive”
“Once they hear why I have to cancel, the cruise line will refund the money, right?”

Cruise lines and Tour Operators are not humanitarians. It’s not their problem if your son broke his ankle and you can’t go on the cruise. They don’t want to know if you missed your flight causing you to miss the ship’s departure from port. What will they say? They’ll ask if you have insurance? “No? Well, then, you are out of luck.” If you have to cancel at the last minute and you don’t have trip insurance, you will most likely lose the entire fare…no refund…no credit.

Okay, so you ask why would you cancel at the last minute? Perhaps, God forbid, there is a death in the family; someone in your family is hospitalized; you miss your flight because of a car accident on the way to the airport; there is a blizzard and you can’t get out of your neighborhood; you lost your job; there are a number of valid reasons. No one plans to cancel their trip, but it does happen. And these are only reasons for cancelling. What happens if you are on a shore excursion and you break your leg? It happens. You say your medical insurance will cover that. Will it? Not if you are relying on Medicare. And if you have other insurance, you should find out exactly what they will cover if you are out of the country. Will they cover your evacuation back to the U.S?

A hurricane is headed to your destination? Once something like this has happened, it’s too late to buy the insurance. That would be like buying car insurance after you have an accident. Insurance protects you from the unforeseen. It will save you a lot of heartache if something does happen which causes you to cancel, or to cut your cruise short.

What happens if you lose your passport or your money and credit cards while on the trip? Well, if you have insurance you can call the trip insurance company and they will help you get your passport or they will arrange for you to get the money you need.

One thing to also keep in mind. Trip insurance through the supplier is fine, but if there is any type of problem such as a bankruptcy or strike, the supplier cannot insure itself against such things. It is usually in your better interest to purchase the insurance through a third party company.

When you book your vacation with us, we will provide you with a quote for trip insurance.  Always make sure to read the policy and contact the insurance company with any questions you might have.

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