Honeymoons & Romance

Your honeymoon...designed especially for you!

A honeymoon is the most important trip you will ever take as a couple.  And because every couple has a unique personality, your honeymoon should not be exactly the same as anyone else’s.

What is your dream honeymoon?

Maybe it is lying on a beach somewhere under a swaying palm tree or sailing on the high seas to an exotic destination.

To some it may be rappelling down a waterfall or hiking the Piton Mountains.
Maybe you have always dreamed of sightseeing in Italy or exploring the Greek Isles.

Whatever your dream is, we will customize a honeymoon that is perfect for you.

It’s your dream, but it is our job to make it happen.

So, why trust your honeymoon planning to an impersonal site on the internet?

It is our pleasure to design the honeymoon of your dreams.
Our honeymoon planning services are designed to benefit you.
We are your trusted advisors and your advocate.

Your Personal Planner

We will meet with you at your convenience so that your schedule doesn't have to be interrupted

What's your style? We'll get to know your "personal style" and discuss what destinations will meet that style

Once we know what your likes and dislikes are,  we'll use our resources to research and sort through various honeymoon options

We only work with our trusted suppliers and have we have access to many offers and promotions not generally advertised to the general public

Our partnership with Honeymoon Wishes and Honeyfund can provide you with a Honeymoon Registry

Over time we've compiled tips which we constantly update as travel styles change and our list of Honeymoon-specific Tips and General Travel Tips is provided free to you. 

Thinking of a Destination Wedding?

Whether you are planning a small, intimate wedding at a boutique resort or
a grand gala with all your friends and family in attendance,
we can make it happen.

Give us a call at (732) 747-8187 and we'll set up an appointment at your convenience to discuss all the details of your destination wedding.